I was travelling along a country lane this week and I found myself following a truck with the sign ‘Highway Maintenance’. There were two, tall, traffic signal lamps being carried as cargo, facing towards me; they were standing tall and it felt as if they were staring right at me! Obviously, these traffic lights…Read more HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE

Making new friends!

Meet my new friend, Patience….. I’ve known of Patience for years but I never really got to know her. To be honest she can come across as a bit of a loner…..someone standing on the sidelines…..almost waiting for others to beckon her into their lives; their relationships……..but never forcing herself upon anyone…… She holds herself…Read more Making new friends!


At the very beginning, of the very beginning, of this year, I shared with many, a distinct Word I had received……..”GET BACK UP!” At the time of praying, I’d heard those 3 words so clearly and presumed the Lord wanted me to stand, to rise, to not let the episode I had just spent in the…Read more GET ‘BACK-UP’