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Broken to Blooming

Broken to Blooming by Ellie Palma Cass


Ellie-vation book by Ellie Palma-Cass

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What they say about Ellie…

An astonishing testimony of a survivor

“When Ellie asked me to have a peek review at her first book, “Broken to Blooming”, I felt honoured. As I read her testimony, I quickly realised how deeply open and vulnerably she tells us of the depth of her story as she jumps in, right from the onset – giving a brilliant picture of who she is, or was, and how she got from there to here today, through her passionate love for Jesus. This is an astonishing testimony of a survivor – an overcomer – a woman’s life well worth reading about. Her writing style is easy to absorb and I look forward to hearing of much healing because of her willingness to tell her story of the power of love and forgiveness. “

Julie Anderson

The Prayer Foundation / The Deborah Company / Pastor at Commonwealth Church, London, UK

A testimony to the keeping and saving power of a Heavenly Father

“The title “Broken to Blooming” is indeed an understatement. Ellie’s story is initially one of survival – surviving the despicable acts of an abusive and violent father – and becomes the joyous testimony of her miraculous transformation into the effervescent Ellie we all know and love now. A testimony to the keeping and saving power of a Heavenly Father. You’ll understand where her passion for Jesus and people comes from after reading her story.”

Bill Partington

United Christian Broadcasters,

This book will impact people to the deepest part of their being

“I was absolutely riveted by the first chapter of Broken to Blooming and brought to tears………. However, I stand in awe at our great God and what He has done in, through and with Ellie’s life. God truly gives us beauty for ashes! This book will impact people to the deepest part of their being when they realise that God, our God, can turn any bad situation around for good”

Pastor Ann Strickland

Kings Life Church, Blackpool, UK

Extremely well written and fast paced

“We found ‘Broken to Blooming’ poignant, introspective, challenging and pulled from the depth of Ellie’s being. It is extremely well written and fast paced so that the reader wants to know more; wants to help Ellie escape the intolerable situation. The Scripture gives great hope and is a necessary relief to the pathos. This book speaks to far wider an audience than we all wish were true. But the reality is such abuse is far too common and far too suffered in the loneliness of an impotent child. Therefore, it is not only a ‘well-written ‘exercise in personal healing; it will be a tool for many people to know and experience that inner healing through Ellie’s writing and sharing. We hope she will share more with us”

Archbishop Metropolitan Doyle and Reverend Carolyn Volentine

All Nations Christian Church International, Louisville, USA

A powerful testimony

“Ellie’s book is not only a powerful testimony of how God has set her free but also a reminder that children (and adults) go through the most horrific experiences and at times without it being noticed. This book will not only challenge you to your core but it will encourage you to bring your own hurts and pains to Father God who is, and always has been, Ellie’s loving father”

Peter Gladwin

Author of Out of Ashes, Founder of Out of Ashes Ministries

She wears a glow that sparkles like a diamond

“I hope every reader of this book gets to meet Ellie. You will immediately, be overwhelmed, by her depth of warmth and love. She wears a glow that sparkles like a diamond; however, every diamond has its own story and process to go through before it begins to shine. This great book will take you through Ellie’s unique journey and when you have finished reading, you will understand why she is able to sparkle like a diamond………Ellie, you are an inspiration; thank you for sharing your heart.”

Pastor Sandra Dawkins

All Nations for Christ Derby, UK

We are honoured to share her most personal testimony

“…..As noted on the front cover, “Ellie Palma-Cass takes the reader on a roller coaster of a ride” and I totally endorse this. As I read the first few pages, I felt moved to tears. Then a few pages later I was at peace, then basking in God’s love and then thrown right back to the experiences of my own, at times nerve-rackingly similar, childhood – I was hooked! Ellie hides nothing. We are honoured to share her most personal testimony and through this, it has enabled us to understand why she is the woman she is today. Her testimony resounds from the place of, “……When I am weak, then I am strong…..” Thank you so much Ellie for sharing, this book will bring much needed healing and clarity to many!”

Elder Sonia C Hogg

Ruach City Church, London, UK

Articulate and heartfelt

“…this is clearly a compelling story of God’s grace and love pouring into Ellie’s life and changing her forever; written in an articulate and heartfelt way. I have no doubt it will particularly minister to many broken women and inspire their journey to wholeness.”

Pastor Phil Pye

National Leadership Team; Assemblies of God, GB, Arena Church, Derby, UK

A passionate woman of God

…”Ellie is a passionate woman of God, with a fantastic gift of communication. Ellie speaks of her faith in a real and encouraging way. Her powerful testimony is a demonstration of how much God loves us and wants to be a part of our everyday lives. I can’t wait to read Ellie’s book!”…

Pastor Rachel Kerry

Billinge Family Church, Manchester UK

A real example of an overcomer…

Ellie!! After a few moments of meeting her I felt comfortable in her presence. She is full of life and brings joy into every place. She is a great listener and is also willing to open her heart and share her story with others. By looking at her you would not know her difficult life story, but she does not allow her past to hold her back. She is a real example of an overcomer. Her testimony brings encouragement and is a true reminder that God can bring you through and out of any situation!

Fiona Reid

Crossing Church, Florida

Salvation Prayer

God, I know that, in my lifetime, I have not always lived for you, and I have sinned in ways I probably don’t even know yet I know that you have plans for me, and I want to live in those plans. I pray to you for forgiveness for the ways in which I have sinned. I am choosing now to accept Jesus into my heart. I am eternally grateful for his sacrifice on the cross and how He died so I can have eternal life. I pray that I be filled with the Holy Spirit and that I continue to live as You desire for me to live. I will strive to overcome temptations and no longer let sin control me. I put myself in your hands. I pray that you work in my life and guide my steps so that I continue to live for you. In your name I pray. Amen.