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Broken to Blooming the new book from Ellie Palma-Cass‘Broken to Blooming’ is compelling, heart-rending, moving and fascinating! It is Ellie’s first book and is the story of her first 29 years of life until she found her faith. That was in 2001 and even though Ellie had felt a tug to share her testimony she hadn’t ever committed to putting it down on paper. At speaking engagements when Ellie would share snippets of her life, the powerful impact was noted by many and Ellie realised a book could help many people who needed breakthrough in their lives. When you meet Ellie you soon realise her heart’s desire is to love and help people and ‘Broken to Blooming’ is a supremely significant and astonishing testimony to the fact that whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever circumstances you begin your life in, God never left you, was always around, and always will be!

Ellie is one of a kind. She is the kind of person who is easy to love.
The story of her life so far is compelling, honest and littered with grains of wisdom. Whether you hear her story through this book or first hand in a live setting, you will be struck by how impactful her experiences are and how grateful she is to still have the opportunity to celebrate life itself.
Women like me enjoy her raw energy and sense of fun. In fact, I can’t think of many times she hasn’t put a smile on my face!
She makes things happen and she makes things take second place to people. I hope this book encourages many to go after their dream, no matter what gets in the way. Read Ellie’s life story and be inspired.
Sandra Godley
International Award winning Vocal Artist

As well as the sequel to ‘Broken to Blooming’ Ellie is currently writing a workbook to go alongside her first book – Broken to Blooming – The Healing Series. Currently, The Healing Series is airing as a TV and radio show in America.  Ellie’s second book, Ellie’vation, will be released in Spring 2022.

It’s truly amazing to hear about great people doing amazing things throughout the world, but when that great person is a personal friend of yours it makes it all that much sweeter. Ellie has a heart that not only beats for Christ but is also desperately attached to the empowering and equipping of people. Her testimony allows you to see the depth and warmth of God’s grace and love for mankind, while encouraging you to take a step of faith.
She is to this generation, what so many other world-changers have been to theirs; touchable, inspiring and dependable.
Minister Malikha McDonald
Birmingham, UK