Archbishop Metropolitan Doyle and Reverend Carolyn Volentine
All Nations Christian Church International,
Louisville, USA

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“We found ‘Broken to Blooming’ poignant, introspective, challenging and pulled from the depth of Ellie’s being. It is extremely well written and fast paced so that the reader wants to know more; wants to help Ellie escape the intolerable situation. The Scripture gives great hope and is a necessary relief to the pathos. This book speaks to far wider an audience than we all wish were true. But the reality is such abuse is far too common and far too suffered in the loneliness of an impotent child. Therefore, it is not only a ‘well-written ‘exercise in personal healing; it will be a tool for many people to know and experience that inner healing through Ellie’s writing and sharing. We hope she will share more with us”